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MY CREEPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [
July 30th, 2009 | 12:32pm
[ mood | o0o <3333 ]

 Yeaaah!! They're here!!!!!

I went like an hour ago to the post office D: with some hope that my creepers were already there~
And Tah Daaaaah!! I found 'em!!! xD I'm so Happyyyyyyy!!
And I took em some pictures (x they're for u Andiiii~~ <33333 Woo Hoo!! I'm Happy!

c_1.jpg image by SakuraiKari c_2.jpg image by SakuraiKari c_3.jpg image by SakuraiKari c_4.jpg image by SakuraiKari

And I got some cuuute socks, free!! <33

s_1.jpg image by SakuraiKari s_2.jpg image by SakuraiKari

xD I think they look like this~


WOO HOO!! I'm HAPPY!!!!! <33333

(x hope u liked my new Creepers *___*!!! <333


July 29th, 2009 | 12:50pm
[ mood | satisfied ]

(x Hey what's up!!! Omg i've bee n in vacations~ it's very relaxing to be here at my parent's house, seriously I needed this ;-; School is so hard lately... 

Anyway, at last i'm at home! My parents recieved me with such joy! *_* I'm so happy!!!! My mom made Lasagna for me, it was delicious!!! And~ my parents gave me a cake... A Tiramissu Cake, Seriously, its the coolest cake i've ever eaten >__< I'm putting the picture right here...

1c.jpg image by SakuraiKari
That's right.... Did u see it!? Atsushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! xD Yeaaaaaaaaaah!! Atsushi was EDIBLE! xD I was so happy!!!! Fcourse the Tiramissu was perfectly delicious, I almost cry when I saw it, I was very very happy <3 Oh yeah the Japanese writing it's supposed to say 'Ferisu Kunpureashisu Karina' Feliz Cumpleaños, Karina. Or Happy Birthday Karina, lol~ yeah (xU Thx very much to my family *-* this is the best gift ever!!!

Here u have some more pics:

2c.jpg image by SakuraiKari 3c.jpg image by SakuraiKari 4c.jpg image by SakuraiKari 

If u want some more pics just ask *_*

Hmm~~ What else should I say?~ I ordered a Wacom CintiQ and it hasn't arrived yet >_< I WANT TO TRY IT NOW!

And I even ordered some coooool shoes, those like.. Lolita Creepers ;-; but they haven't arrived either!! D'x I'm scaaaared!!

Well.. Im leaving some other stuff for other posts (x see ya later!!!



Mwahahaha [
April 25th, 2009 | 1:57am
[ mood | (8 ]

 Estaba leyendo los comentarios xD gracias a todos!
Me subieron el animo le voi a echar muchas ganas a todo1
xD Y si fijense ke ya comi en el McDonalds mWHAHAHA cobran
UN RON por Ketcup! ke les pasa!?!!?/
D: tambien fui al cine a ver Rapido y Furioso con subs Rumanos
Me dormi.
Sorry Dulce xD

Gracias a todos por comentar xD espero postear mas seguido *-* los amo 


April 25th, 2009 | 1:43am
[ mood | 8| ]

 Hey wazzup, today I dont have any time to post pictures, I will write quickly.

I've been very busy visiting Bucharest, and with all the stuff of Infomatrix.
I'm so happy coz many different people are here, showing their ideas and stuff,
it's very fun! 

D: the people here is kinda rude but i thik i will survive somehow. We're going to Brasov tomorrow morning. I'm kinda sad, coz Daniela isnt coming with me. I will just have to hang around other people. I mean, it's cool but I really wanted her to go with me ): she has to go to the church... I mean... what's wrong with her? How can she reject this beautifil oportunity? ): I mean she doesnt going to understand anything at tnhe church, they all speak Romanian... *sigh* that's why I dont like religions coz... they like... brain wash you...

Anyway I hope to write later, and post some pictures (x

I miss you all ;-;

see ya later <3333 

A 1 dia D:!!!! menos -__- [
April 20th, 2009 | 12:02am
[ mood | (8 YAY ]

          Oh, por el amor de Dios, manyana es el dia. Estoy nerviosa? Nop. Emocionada... ahora si xD

Ya termine todo, tengo todo empacado (menos lo ke se TIENE ke empacar a ultima hora) todo esta bien! Menos, que no he terminado la edicion del video para subir la animacion de Dialogo Epico a Youtube! Maldita sea! Bueno no importa lo hare en las DIEEEEZ horas que son de Mexico a Frankfurt. No creo tardar mucho, son solo unos detalles. Mientras... pues, a ver que show. No? Lo que me pone triste es que por andar en estos rollos no disfrute a mi mami. Como la voi a extranyar. Ya extranyo mucho a mi familia, pues en vacaciones no pude verlos, pero gracias a Dios pude ver a mi mami <3. Espero que se cuiden mucho. Yo estare bien. Tambien extranyare a mis amigos, gracias por su apoyo, compas. 

Y bueno aqui les dejo unas fotos de la camiseta que nos dono el ITESO a los ganadores de Proyecto Multimedia. Aki les dejo la pagina oficial de InfoMatrix2009

Tambien le tome una foto a las lonas para el Stand *__* gracias Davesote, me hizo un parote, el las disenyo.

Una foto mia xD AMO A BUCK -TICK!!

Y un wallpaper de Dialogo Epico xD aunquesta en widescreen...luego pongo otra version


camimex.gif picture by SakuraiKari  lonagif.gif image by SakuraiKari  lovebt.gif image by SakuraiKari

wallico.gif image by SakuraiKari       

Arre gracias por leer *___*


When time's running out. [
April 18th, 2009 | 6:36pm
[ mood | -___-! ]

  Aquellas veces en las que piensas que el tiempo se acaba, que raro es. Estoy a... (uno, dos...) dos dias (o menos?) de ir a un continente que no conosco, donde hablan otro idioma, donde usan otro tipo de moneda. Que raro es. Estos dias me he dado cuenta que en verdad hay personas que se preocupan por mi, y me desean lo mejor. Estoy muy agradecida con ellos. 

Si, voy a Bucharest, Rumania. Espero en verdad aprovechar todo esto; voy a un concurso llamado infomatrix, aun que no gane, deseo sacar provecho y experiencia a todo esto. Saber cuidame  a mi misma y saber relacionarme con otras personas, con otras culturas y pensamientos. Eso es. 

Neta, gracias a mis padres que, por ellos es posible el hecho de que voy a realizar esto. Muchisimas gracias.

Sigo esperando con ansias y nervios este lunes. Pero alla voy, a echarle ganas!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Those times when u think that time's running out, how strange it is. I am at... (one, two...) two days more (or less?) of going to a continent that I don't know, where people speak another language, where they use another kind of money. How strange it is. These days I've realized that, trulym there are persons that care about me, and the wish me the best. I'm so grateful.

Yes, I am going to Bucharest, Romania. I really hope I can get something from all of this; I am going to a contest called Infomatrix, and even if don't win, I wish to learn something, to have some more experience of all this. I Wanna learn how to take care of myself, and know how to get along with other people, other cultures and toughts. That's it.

Seriously, thanks to my parents, all of this i'm going to do, is because of them. Thank you very much.

I'm still waiting for this monday, anxious and nervous. But ...let's go!!!

~B: here are some... pics! <3

New Version~ [
April 14th, 2009 | 10:55am
[ mood | ~-~ ]

 Yeah xD This is my new version... Pajama version!

Lol, I love it D: 

Im gonna update this a little more, coz i'm going to travel

a little, so I wanna tell everyone that i'm okay.

B: gonna write some more later.


D8 uuuhhhhh [
August 16th, 2008 | 12:25am
[ mood | o0o!!!! ]

Yeah, my last days in Nogales...
I'm kinda sad~ I dont wanna go to
Well... I want... but... yeah u know
when u get the sentimental way
with ur hometown and stuff...
xD Anyways i'm havin a great time!
B: today I dyed my hair... to white!
x___X I couldnt catch good angles...
>-> believe me this is the less
crappy pic I could get hehe...

xD that's all~~ see ya!! o3o


O M G [
July 26th, 2008 | 5:27pm
[ mood | lalalalaa ]

Sowwy~ I have to update more!
Anyway D: just gonna show u my big big treasure!
>w< My friends gave mi this for my Bday!
I'm Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Now, a big doubt: Should I open them?
I wanna see and smell the booklets!!!!!
>< but.... gaahh they're such a big treasure!
;3; I dunnooooo!!!
xB I asked on btnorevolver, and thet say
i should. 


Anyways, i'm happy!
B: see ya later!!!!

kissus to my friends from btnorevolver!!

Yeah! [
June 27th, 2008 | 11:51pm
[ mood | .-.~ ]

I must say, today was an interesting day.
Even when I had some sad moments...
I just have to show ya something.

My Tenshi No Revolver CD
*gives kisses to it*
n-n happy happyyyyyyyyyy!!!! <3
D: The booklet design is SO pretty
I just love it. n-n

x-x Asian people are so cool!
They give me gifts! Lol!
I recieved this

Actually is a 100s CD, its very very
relaxing~ I didnt want to open it,
so I took a pic first, so that's it.

A friend from my dad sent me a
present. He's from Argentina, and
such a fine man! Seriously it was
such a honor to meet him!
I was so suprised with this present!
He gave me a book, wrapped in
Hallmark paper! omg! :P
Anyways, here it is.

Paintings of Jack Vettriano!
His paintings are so so good! U should
really look for some of them!!! *_*

Soo~ that's all I suppose..
Oh yeah! here goes a Fahrenheit pic for
lexuspark! Thx Sweetie!!! <3

And that's all, thx for reading <3

D8 we have a guest!! [
June 26th, 2008 | 9:49am
[ mood | D8 ]

(8 yeah, this week arrived a little cuuuuute puppy!
>_> doesnt have a name yet, coz she's not mine~
D: but I call her cosita... it means, little thing. Hehe.
Anyways, here's her pic! She's lovely! <3
I'm sure gonna miss her when her respective owner
comes for her. ):

I've been listening Fahrenheit too much.
Holy crap they're SO CUTE!
I just love em!!! (x

<3 ~Sex Pot Revenge~ <3 [
June 22nd, 2008 | 8:56pm
[ mood | *___*<333 ]

Yeah D: Look what I got!
At last my first SexPotRevenge accessory!!!!
A Handbag! *__*
I really really love it!!!
Whaddaya say? n__n
I'm HAPPY <333 pupupu

<Clik on to enlarge~>

June 20th, 2008 | 4:11pm
[ mood | B:U ]

Today I'm gonna write in Spanish~ Don't Worry~
I'm gonna translate a bit~ <3

El viernes pasado, sali con mis amigos de la
escuela a un Karaoke, en realidad, no llegamos
al Karaoke... por estar en el billar.
Aun asi tuve momentos muy agradables *-*
gracias a todos!! <3 Felicidades Junior.

Bien, el lunes fue mi mi cumple D: mis amigos
kisieron festejarlo el sabado pasado B:
Pues... fuimos a comer al Sushi Factory~
Lastima que Serena y Dany no pudieron ir.
Gracias, Areli por acompañarme.
Todo estuvo muy weno (x gracias tito <3
Quep por cierto (8 me regalo una revista
de corte y confeccion de ropa goth loli <333 gracias

B: mas tarde, Dushe me compro una fresa
*/////* estuvo muy ricaaa~ no keria ke se acabara
xD gracias!

B: Y si, vimos la pelicula de HULK! Fue la onda
Solo que me senti un poco mal ya que Denisse
no pudo quedarse a verla con nosotros...

En fin >3< Ya mas tarde Dulce me regalo
un Tamagotchi Connection! Soy Tan feliz!!! >-<

Y weno, me la pase muy chilo!
Gracias por todo! Los kiero mucho.

B: el lunes regrese a Nogales, n_n fue un
viaje agradable y platique con personas muy
interesantes. Estuve feliz durante el viaje.
Llegue al 15 para las 3 de la Hora Local de
Nogales... Alrato iego mi prima Ara y su novio.
Despues, mis compas de la prepa y mi hermano
y bla bla!
Me hicieron una carne asada y -w- sacamos mucho
las curas >w< ahhhh tambien me dieron pastel
y nieve de Cookies and Cream! Fue la onda!
~Gracias a todos por sus regalos! Son la onda!


 Collares y Aretes/
Necklaces and Earrings

Thx Nigga y Regan <3

Very Irresitible - Givenchy

 Bracelet~ Thx mom

 A blouse, yeah. Thx Perla.


More Necklaces and Earrings
Thx Mom.

La mejor foto ke tome xD
And the best pic I took

Bracelets~ Yeah! Thx Mom!

Mkay those are all the gifts I recieved
Thx everyone for their msgs~
Thx to Andi~ <333 she was the first one who
said HAPPY BDAY <3!!! yay!

Gracias a todos (x stoi bien bien contenta!
Kisses n Hugs!

Oh yeah, (8 Im gonna leave ya with a picture of
ME! MWAHAHAHA! SUffer! I changed my look
a little.

D8 aki los dejo con mi foto~ sufran.

Nya! >w<

D: oh yeah~ Wanted to remember:
I posted this on BT's community B:
and at on it's time! Not like this xD
Anyways here's what I made~

new Layout [
May 12th, 2008 | 10:02pm
[ mood | >3 ]

I just made this new layout D: but damn I cant center it >3<
>_> sooo... if you all messed up it's coz this layout is for
widescreen monitors
T_T sorry! i'm gonna fix it! 

~My new HandBag! ~ [
March 27th, 2008 | 12:51pm
[ mood | lala n-n ]

Awwwww... yup... I made a hand bag thing... ;-; it took a lot of finger pinches!!!!
but I'm alright! I'm alright!!
I didnt use a sewing machine x-x!!

It's very very strong! It can carry so many heavy stuff! <3 

The design over the bag... well I didnt print this D:
I wanted it to be 100% handmade~ so I just grabbed some acrylic paint~
and thats all! n_n

yayy :3 i'm happy <333333

@w@ here's the pic....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATSUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [
March 7th, 2008 | 12:45am
[ mood | n3n ]


BIRTHDAY NUMBER 42!!!! n___n!!! <333333!!!



I LOVE U WITH ALL MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yaaaay! [
March 3rd, 2008 | 10:37pm
[ mood | Woo Hoo! ]

I made this t-shirt! I just love it! n_n I'm so Happy!
I LOVE BUCK-TICK!!!!!! <333333

this is me wearing the shirt~ I didnt catch a good shot of it Dx dammit....

and this is the best one! It looks better without me~!!

n-n yaaaay <3

March 2nd, 2008 | 11:02pm
[ mood | omgz ]

Sorry If I scared ya'll with my comment. I didnt wanted to, really.
But Anyway I feel a LOT better Now. Thank u all!
Im gonna make u a gift~ just wait for it! n_n
Oh Yeah I made a B-T tshirt! Im gonna take
myself a picture and show it to ya!
Thx Everyone!

~Happy New Year~ [
January 1st, 2008 | 2:09pm
[ mood | (8 yaay ]

~HIII~ Well I just wanted to wish u all a Very Very Happy New Year! I wish u all to recieve plenty of love, and why not!? Money!! Take care and dont drink and drive! Love u all : ~Kari-chan~

Bored to death [
July 29th, 2007 | 2:15am
[ mood | bored ]

Dammit ~
i'm so bored! I dont know what to do!!!
._. I wanna go pee to. Lol.
Anyways~ school's gonna start soon.
I'm kinda excited, and scared too...
its a whole new thing for me, im gonna
be new there so... I hope there isnt
any bad people there. Yeah, I wanna
make friends, but im not gonna beg
them either x-x~
blah dunno what else to say...
i want a new computer~ hehe B:

blah thats all, see ya! <3

WTF~ [
May 1st, 2007 | 5:44pm
[ mood | omg D: ]

Okay Okay o_oUu
I just wanna know wtf with this xD so im just 
checking~ ~Yay :3

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